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Meet Me There

Finding North

Finding North is Paul and Sussanah Herrick, who have a passion for telling stories through lyrics and music.

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Music Produced at Soul Mine

Drank Me Away


Music is something that connects us all, through the good times and the bad. A song can lift you up, making you feel like you're on top of the world, just as much as it can bring you to tears and help you find solace.

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that touches the lives of countless people and their families. This song is for all those with loved ones who struggle with alcoholism. I hope this song will help you as it helped me.

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Ain’t More Country


We Ain't Through


Hard-charging rock sensibility with a country soul.

Anna is releasing her new songs and sound in an album collection called “Restless Spirit” An apropos title for that little girl from southern Wisconsin who didn’t let the world get between her and her music.

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