1. Save The World

From the recording Save The World


©2023 CubTone Music
All alone in outer space
Trying to find my way home
Before its much too late
To save the world

Everything has gone to waste
A endless meltdown
Why is it up to me
To save the world

If I can’t save myself, tell me how
I can save the world

If I lose the human race
Who will tell my story
I only have one choice
To save the world

And how will my children know
If I leave them nothing
Now it’s up to me
To save the world

Looking out at mother earth
Wondering why and what its worth
Will happy ever after, ever show it's face

I am at the end time, the end of the line
I have to do what's right
I am just one human, left to save the day

Every breath of air I take
Could be my last no doubt
I only have one chance
To save the world

After all is said and done
There is no glory
Why is it up to me
To save the world