1. Headache

From the recording Headache

Song wriiten by Sandy Doblar, Brian Kroening and Tony Cerniglia. Recorded at sPiKe Studio. A Soul Mine Music Company


My feet are bleeding
From the egg shells I’m walking on
I feel like retreating
And my give a damn is gone
If I could’ve known
You’d make it so hard
Lovin’ you
I’d have saved myself the headache
And I’d give it back to you

We started out as wonderful
As these things often do
You told me I was beautiful til I
Believed it too
It didn’t take too long before
I knew you were the one
Little did I know that love’s sweet heartache
Had begun

My head was swimming in the clouds
Then you’d just knock me down
But I kept hoping things would change
Each time I hit the groung

I told myself to just hang on
And love you alittle more
But you took all I had to give
Now I’m walkin out the door