1. Beautiful Day

From the recording Voodoo Shakedown


Tony Cerniglia
©2018 CubTone Music

I stand on the edge of the mountain
And I look across the land
I see millions of people, everyone holding hands

I see colors in every combination
Young and old lost in admiration for everyone
Under the sun

In a land where there is no violence
In a land where there is no pain
The rains will come and they will cleanse your soul
Then we’ll dance and sing

Everybody is going home to the mountain
Shed the skins of diversity
Share the bread and the wine of tomorrow
Live in harmony

You know you hold the key, your never on your own
Love is reality, it’s unbelievable, it’s just a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day

Feel the light pour into your body
Through every muscle and into your veins
Fill your heart with love and emotion
And dance and sing

We come together to love one another
We come together our time has come
Live in a world of peace and celebration
For eternity